Saturday, October 1, 2022

Comoros, Somalia reiterate commitment to fighting global terror at UN General Assembly


LONDON: The presidents of Comoros and Somalia have both reiterated their commitment to the fight against global terrorism, but warned the international community that policies of containment will fail.

Addressing the UN General Assembly on Thursday, Somalia’s Hassan Sheikh Mohamud said: “No country has fought against terrorists like Somalia has, and it is because of that experience we can tell you that terrorism cannot be contained.

“Instead, it must be comprehensively defeated wherever it is. This means defeating it for once, for all, and completely.”

Azali Assoumani said eradicating global terrorism requires cohesive international support to not only fight against it, but to understand why it has persisted.

He added: “These groups that threaten the peace claim they are Muslims, but they are not Muslims, they are simply terrorists.

“But they also expose the reality of frustration in communities. We are aware that behind these groups is the frustration of young people who do not see a future for themselves, and we need to provide an alternative because the support of young people is vital for the future.”

While acknowledging the pressing concerns of terrorism in Somalia, Mohamud said it is just one of the interlocking crises facing the world.

Tackling them independently will not work, he added, and rather than the international community prioritizing one over the other, he called for a comprehensive plan that addresses them as a collective.

“Effective joint action must start today, or the UN 2030 goals will remain a mad distant dream,” said Mohamud.

“With partnerships we can build a sustainable, inclusive, people-centered economy. This is the basis of challenging the interlocking crises.

“The most important lessons we have learned of combating the interlocking crises in Somalia is not to be behind.

“In Somalia, we have a wise saying: One finger cannot wash a whole face. If we walk together, no challenge is insurmountable.”